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Having their feet measured for the first time is a new experience for every child, some love it others not so much. With years of experience measuring little feet, we will make it an exciting time for your child.

If you are looking for your child first pair of shoes then come to Hilary Smith the Shoe Shop. We have a range of both boys & girls first walkers all made from high quality durable materials.

Children’s feet grow very quickly and it is important to have them measured regularly, we have a great selection of boys & girls shoes available. Visit our shop today and take a look.

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First walkers & Pre walkers

As soon as your toddler is up and about walking confidently, it’s time to buy their first pair of shoes. It is very important to get the right shoe for your child as they need the support as their feet continue to grow. Here at Hilary Smith the Shoe Shop, we will measure your toddlers feet and ensure they get the perfect first shoe.

Quality shoes at affordable prices

Shoes for growing feet

Shoes for little feet

When your little one finds their feet, you certainly know about it! First shoes are very important as they give your child protection and support as their feet are growing.

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